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Hi Folks,
I need to get some basic understanding of how to handle the below scenario.
1D Barcode Readers
GS1 Format
5 Pallets
120 Boxes per pallet
2 Items per Box = 600 Boxes
1200 Items
I have got this far;
1200 items each have a  Barcode with a unique identifier (at the end) containing the Product, Batch, Qty 1 and Weight 9.2 KG
Example (240)BF0181(3103)00920(37)1(10)47542(21)100001
600 boxes each have a barcode with a unique identifier containing the Qty 2 and the Weight 18.4 Kg of the inner items.
Example (240)Bf0181(3103)001840(37)2(10)47542(21)121001
This works fine, but we have to scan each box to get the data into the system for it to scan out again.
My Question is there an SSSC or Pallet Code format we can use to tell the system
This Pallet has 1200 items QTY 1 with barcodes;
(240)BF0181(3103)00920(37)1(10)47542(21)100001 to 101201
contained in 600 boxes QTY 2 per box  with barcodes
(240)Bf0181(3103)001840(37)2(10)47542(21)120001 to 120601

Does this make any kind of sense ?


Best Regards



Best Regards and sincere thaks for any advice available


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Ian Cummings
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I think this PDF from GS1 should help you:

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