Barcode That Generates Item Number And Quantity And Shows Readable Item Number And Quantity. Folgen

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     This might seem to be a insanely remedial question, but I''ve been tasked with creating a barcode for a client of ours and have zero experience with creating barcodes nor bartender so I figured I might as well just ask the experts and hope you don't ridiculed to death ;)


Amway, I'm on Bartender 10.1 and need a 39 or 128 bardcode for a case pack that produces and item number plus the quantity of the items in the case pack in a simple, non-jumbled design.




Bardcode:    BARCODE

Item #:         HR100ECP

Quantity #:    QNTY: 24


I've attached and image illustrating what I mean also.


Thanks in advance for any help,



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On your label document, add a barcode field, whatever format you like.  Then open up the properties of the barcode and add your data sources.


and if you don't understand that ... go here and watch some videos.



And now the ridicule .. i can't believe you spelled anyway as amway

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