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I have a VBA macro that creates an .xls spreadsheet each time that it is run.  Each spreadsheet generated by the macro has a Named region of a spreadsheet that I would like to point the Bartender software to.



Is there a way set up a Bartender .btw file to ask the user which spreadsheet they wish to use at print time?  All of these spreadsheets would have a named region called "Barcodes" that would have the data that needs to go onto the labels.  I've seen the videos on how to set up a database, but it seems that this database setup is designed to have a single database hardcoded to the .btw setup.  I see how you could print only certain records from a database, but is there a way to choose a database at runtime?



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Ian Cummings
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It's not possible to define a fixed database connection in BarTender via automation.  You can only do this via a text file.  It sounds like your best bet is to have your VBA macro control BarTender via automation, opening a label to print, setting data on the label, either directly or via a temporary text file, and then printing to s specified printer.  The below white papers should help get you started:

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