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Barcode Scanner Setup


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    Peter Thane

    So just a bit confused, what you are looking to do is scan a QR code and the replicate the data in the code onto a new label and not perform an Excel lookup, is that correct? 

    If so the simplest way would be to add an Input box to a Data Entry form and link that to your label field, ticking the barcode scanner button as shown below:

    On the File>Print screen and the Options tab also enable the Repeat Data Entry until cancelled button to return the user to the scan screen after each label is printed.

    I haven't got a scanner to test with and so the users may need to press the print/enter button to send the print command or else you may need to add some extra suffix characters in your scanner setup to transmit the data then a tab then a an Enter (or something like that). Perhaps scanning the code twice may achieve this too but I am not sure


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