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i am setting up a new commander to catch a data file from my ERP system, i currently have 5 commander tasks monitoring 5 directories and each time it finds a file it prints it as needed. 


i would like to monitor with 1 task and have the printer inside the file. the only reason i have 5 tasks now is to find out which printer it should be output to . 

if i can select the printer to output to in the file then it will only need one task and be much easier to manage. Especially when the same label will be on 20 more printers and i don't want to have another 20 tasks! 


Any help or pointers on this would be appreciated. i looked at the printer to use and the specified in document option but this doesn't take it from a file only the default printer in the bartender document. 





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Ian Cummings
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You should use something like Commander Script in the trigger file, and then in the task execute a Commander Script command.  Take a look at the Commander white paper as it includes an example of this.  BT XML Script is also an option if you're using Enterprise Automation edition.


The BarTender Help system has a full reference on this too.

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