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I have a conditional template based on Province/State from my field database. So, it should print Template1 if the Province is QC (Quebec) or print Template2 if the province is not QC. When Province is QC prints Template1, however when the province is NOT QC i receive an error:


"bartender failed to create any printed items. please check your setup and try again".
However, this error disappears when I remove the script I have for "copies".
So the conditional template is fine because is choosing the right template based on my condition...however my script works fine if I have only one Template.
Conclusion, my conditional template and my copies script work fine independently.
Bartender Automation. 10.1 SR4 Build 2961


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Ian Cummings
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You need to use a template selector and make both of these templates a child node of the template selector.  The conditional value for the selector needs to have a value that is equal to the name of the child template to select.  Therefore, in your example the conditional value needs to be either EN or FR in order to then choose the right template.

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