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We have Enterprise Automation 10.0 SR4 installed on a test server. In Reprint Console in the Printed Item Image pane I get the message "Error Generating Printed Item Preview". When I click on More Details I get the following:


Severity   ID  Text                                                                                                                 

Error        0    The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)                   

Can you help please?

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Domingo Rodriguez
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Hello Simon,


  1. Is this a full Enterprise Automation Edition of BarTender that you purchased, or are you trialing the software?
  2. Under which Windows account is the "BarTender System Service" running? You will find this under "Windows Services". If it's running under "Local System" account, please try using a different account with more permissions (e.g. a domain account).
  3. In BarTender, access the "Administer > Log Setup > Database Log" dialog and let me know if the "Image of the printed item(s)" checkbox is enabled?
  4. Do you have exactly the same issue if you open "History Explorer" instead?

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