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We are running Progression (7.6.400b), Warehouse Management Software (WMS) 8.4.1 and Bartender 9.4.1 SR3 Build 2781 Automation (3 printers) with SQL 2005 housing the databases. Progression is our accounting software, WMS is an add-on module to Progression which interfaces directly with Bartender.


When we first started using WMS and Bartender we were able to use History Explorer and the Reprint Console with no problems. Now, quite often when we try to search for a unique value we get the following error: "Message #1077, Search for object values in the database failed for an unknown reason.". This error is not consistent though, sometimes the search result appears but then the error message would appear immediately afterward or sometimes it will function as expected. History explorer sometimes has another error upon opening: "Message #1000, Cannot display information. There is either a problem

connecting to the BarTender System Database SQLSERVER\ or an error occurred. Try reconnecting or restart BarTender History Explorer."

On a high avergae we print about 10,000 labels per week during our busy season.


The only solution I've found is to search for the label manually by date time.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Domingo Rodriguez
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I would like to know some other information as well:


  1. Is that a full license of SQL Server 2005?
  2. What Windows version and service pack is in use?
  3. What type of maintenance plans are you using over the database? The standard maintenance plans we offer via the "Administer > Log Setup > Database Log > Setup..." dialog, or some more advanced SQL Management Studio mantainance plans?
  4. Is BarTender just running on this one machine, with BarTender logging to a local SQL Server engine?
  5. What approximate size does the database and transaction log files have?

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