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BarTender and our Seagull printer drivers are a Windows only product. We do not make software to run natively on any other operating system including OS X.

That said it is possible to use BarTender and our printer drivers on an Apple Mac thanks to the use of PC virtualization. There are a number of virtual PC products available for OS X, a quick search on the internet will find them very easily. One such virtualization software that we know works very well is VMware Fusion (

Please note that you will still need to install an appropriate version of Windows into the virtual PC, so that a compatible version of BarTender can be installed, activated and used.

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Ian Cummings
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Version 9.4 of our Web Print Server utility (compatible with the Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender) allows the selection and launch of label jobs from within web browsers running on Apple, Linux and other non-Windows operating systems.

Alternatively, the Commander integration utility can respond to file and TCP/IP triggers originating from non-Windows systems and print to any printer visible on the network, regardless of whether it is attached to a Windows-based computer. This make it ideal for automatic printing with requests coming from non Windows systems.

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