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Upgrade License Server 10 Standalone


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    Michael Toupin (mtoupin
    [quote name='Markus' timestamp='1350472985' post='3508']
    "For everyone who updates SLS from 9.x to 10.0:
    I did installation of SLS 10.0 on top of an installed SLS 9.3. On the same server Bartender 9.3 was installed and all components got uninstalled during installation of SLS 10.0 (because I only selected installation of SLS). So be careful! This was not clear to me and from my point of view there should have been a warning after I selected SLS only that it will uninstall all other components if installed. With SLS 9.x it was a seperate installation and I think it didn't influence Bartender Suite components. This means it's not possible to have different versions of Bartender and SLS on one server? Very bad because sometimes I want to update Bartender on another server and have to update SLS before, but do not want to update the Bartender installation on server where SLS is running."

    Is there a workaround for this problem so I'm able to only upgrade the license server to 10.x on a server where also bartender 9.x is installed?

    Unfortunately not. Since it's now a unified installer, using the BarTender installer to install License Server will result in any older versions of BarTender being removed. You cannot have separate versions of any BarTender component installed at the same time on a machine as of 10.0.
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    Ian Cummings
    It should be noted that there is a warning about this in the installer, that the current BarTender Suite version/build with be removed/replaced.

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