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Our company is purchasing the Automation edition of Bartender.

We plan to activate the pring jobs using SAP (having Bartender running in the background). The information will be exchanged using either excel or text files.


We have 5 different variation of the same label format. What is the best method to calle ach label format based on the information in the file? We are looking at using either Commander or Active X controls. Are both of these options possible with the Automation version and SAP?


Can you provide us with the information needed to configure in both the cases?


Thanks in advance!!!




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Ian Cummings
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I would say that Commander is the best bet as it can be used to automatically detect the transactional trigger files being produced by SAP and then produce a BarTender print job from them.  The great thing is that minimal to no programming is required and it can be implemented relatively quickly.  See the below white papers for more details.


Details on SAP integration:

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