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I am trying to install Bartender 10 silently using LanDesk, I have read the white paper on silent installs  and am using the following command line:


setup.exe /s /v"/qn EDITION=B PKC=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"


I can use this command line locally on a machine that is logged in as administrator, and it will work, If i send the install remotely it will work if the user is a member of the domain admins group.


If i install remotely for a user that is not a domain admin i keep getting error 1603 - Fatal error during installation. 

if i try and install remotely using the domain admin credentials I get error 1153 - The specified program was written for an earlier version of Windows. 



Can anyone offer some advice as to where i am going wrong,




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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Note that when installing Bartender it needs to move a number of components and files into some system folders, and for that it requires enough access rights. It might be possible that the normal user accounts don't have those privileges and that's why it's giving you those errors.


You can test it by trying to install BarTender manually on one of those user accounts and see if you get the same error.

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