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I currently have Bartender 10 installed on my PC. The application works ok however I get the following error everytime I login to my PC:


"C:\users\frank\appdata\local\seagull scientific\hvtlassc.dll. The specified module could not be found.".


I would like to upgrade to Bartender 10 SR4 but cannot as I get the following error during the installation:


"error 2330 Error getting file attributes".


I am slo unable to uninstall the current version of Bartender.


Is there a fix for this?




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Ian Cummings
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Occasionally, something gets corrupted in the installation, and it is no longer possible to remove BarTender from Add/Remove Programs.  When this happens, you must manually remove BarTender using the following steps.
Stop and Remove Services
1. Stop all services installed by BarTender.  This can be done from the command line as follows:
sc stop "BarTender System Service"
sc stop "Commander Service"
sc stop "Seagull License Server"
sc stop Maestro
2. Delete all services installed by BarTender.  This can be done from the command line as follows:
sc delete "BarTender System Service"
sc delete "Commander Service"
sc delete "Seagull License Server"
sc delete Maestro
Installation Cleanup
3. After all services are removed, reboot the system.
4. Use the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" to remove the BarTender package.  You can find it at:  ftp://ftp.seagullscientific.com/TechSupport/Temp
5. Manually remove all files from C:\Program Files\Seagull (or wherever you installed BarTender).
At this point, you have not really removed all files and registry information used by BarTender, but you have removed everything that would prevent a reinstallation.

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