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Win7 Bartender Ver9.10 2617


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    Ian Cummings

    BarTender v9.10 clients can connect with, and get printer licenses from a v9.20 License Server.  Note however that a v9.20 BarTender will not work with a v9.10 License Server.


    Is it not possible to fix the maestro service issue?


    Firstly make sure you exit the Printer Maestro application, and in the list of Windows services that the "Printer Maestro" service is indeed stopped.  Next open a command prompt window (DOS) and change directory to where the Printer Maestro application is installed.  For v9.10 I think its in the below directory, but double check to be sure:
    "C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\Printer Maestro"
    From this directory enter the below command to uninstall the Printer Maestro service.
    maestro.service.exe /uninstall
    If for any reason this doesn't seem to work, make sure the Printer Maestro application isn't running and the service is indeed stopped and try again.  Once the uninstall is performed without error run the below command to re-install again.
    maestro.service.exe /install
    Once this has installed without errors, try again if there was an error, open up the Printer Maestro application like normal and you should find that it will be running properly.
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    Legacy Poster

    Thanks for the solution provided. It works now.


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