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Well, now have windows 8.1 installed on all of our workstations.

Cannot get the Zebra GK420t driver installed on one.


It's not recognized at all via USB.


Its also online via ethernet, but cannot figure out how to make a port for it.

Tried the "generic network card" but this does not result in a working driver. (driver installs, but the Seagull 'properties' control panel is not available)


Is there another of the huge long list of port possibilities that actually works?

Was using "generic network card"...


BTW, I have tried both as a standard TCP/IP port and also the 'Advanced' type, to no avail...


I was able to easily and sucessfully  install the SEAGULL driver onto other win8.1 workstations which previously had the "ZDesigner" driver set up for LAN usage. The Seagull driver saw the existing "LAN port" and I just used that...


But this last workstation has the Zebra printer installed via USB, it never had a LAN port configured ( though it should be reachable via TCPIP as well...)



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Ian Cummings
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Yes our drivers are compatible with Windows 8.1, I assume you're using the latest v7.3.5 driver, but I guess something is messed up on this computer.


Run the Seagull DriverWizard and have it remove any Seagull driver you had previously attempted to make, restart Windows, run the DriverWizard again, choose to add a printer. and now plug in and power up your printer.  Windows should recognise the new device on USB, and our DriverWizard should detect the Plug n Play printer that you can now select and install on USB.


The correct interface for a network connected printer is the "generic network card" you, enter in the hostname or IP address of where the printer is located, and then go with the default settings for port number etc.

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