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Script To Change The System Database


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    Domingo Rodriguez

    I can give you the instructions on how to manually configure the connection to the system database. Some of these steps can probably be scripted / automated:



    1. Using Windows' "Services" control panel, stop the BarTender System Service:
    2. Open the Bartender System Service configuration file, "Config.xml", with a text editor.  This can be found in:
    Where «CommonApplicationData» depends on the Windows Version you're using:
    Windows 7 
    Windows Vista 
    Windows Server 2008     C:\ProgramData
    Windows XP 
    Windows Server 2003     C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
    3. Remove the contents within the ConnectionString tag, so that you're left with the following:
    4. Insert your desired connection string and save the file:
    ** If a Windows Login is used, the connection string must also contain “Integrated Security=SSPI"
    5. Start the Bartender System Service from the Windows Services control panel.
    6. Run the System Database Setup utility again.  This will accomplish two things: It will allow you to confirm that you've correctly entered your connection string, and that you're now connected to the desired database. Your connection string will be re-encrypted once you press "OK" and exit the System Database Setup utility.
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    Legacy Poster

    Sweet ... 

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    Bart Deman


    I've tried the solution suggested by Domingo Rodriguez but when I go to the Administrative Console I get:

     I'm performing my test by creating a database using the database wizard. Then replacing the content inside the "connection string" tags with:
    Server=<local host>\BarTender;Database=<departement name>;Trusted_Connection=True;Integrated Security=SSPI;
    where <local host> and <departement name> are the name of my laptop and the name of a database.

    Any suggestions? I'm using BT 2016 R3 version (64-bit). It is a trial version of the Enterprise Automation. I'm preparing a migration path for an upgrade of BT10.1 to BT2016. My goal is to give each departement their own BarTender database. By using a group policy I want to change the config.xml so that the correct database is choosen.

    Kind regards
    Deman Bart


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