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We have a serious problem with Bartender's licensing server. The customer has BTA3 and has 2 Datamax printers.


The printers are connected via USB to a PC and shared over the network.


Commander runs on the server and prints to a local queue, which redirects to the shared queue on the PC.


The PC also has Bartender installed on it.


The problem is that when the 2 printers are used "locally" and "remotely" they are referenced using different "names". This causes Bartender to trip up because it thinks 4 printers are being used.


One would assume that this would be a simple fix - to delete the incorrectly referenced printers. Based on what I have read though, this feature has been removed from the 10.0 SR4 version the customer is running.


I would like some recommendations on how to deploy this type of scenario given the restrictions above.


If we install LAN cards in the printers and share these off the server (rather than sharing off the PC), are we likely to get a better result, or could we end up with similar problems?


Does Seagull publish "installation recommendations" for different deployment scenarios?



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You will need to install the printer driver in a "consistent" way on every computer. If the printer is connected to a local port (e.g. USB), once the printer has been shared out to the network, from every PC you're wishing to print to this printer (including the one where the printer is locally connected to), install a new printer instance which points to the UNC shared name of the printer. This way, when always using the UNC shared name of the printer, Seagull License Server will just see this as 1 printer.


With regards to the second approach you suggest, as long as the UNC name you use is unique on all PC's, yes, this will be seen as one printer.


Furthermore, if the printer has an internal IP address, if every printer instances point to this internal IP address using a TCP/IP port, this will also be seen as one printer by SLS.



No, there isn't currently an installation recommendation guideline for what you're asking for.

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