Windows 8.1 Not Recognizing Zebra Zd500R On Usb Folgen




I'm trying to connect a Zebra ZD500R to a Windows 8.1 PC. I'm running the PRINTER DRIVERS BY SEAGULL menu option from the Barttender software CD.  I chose the USB option and the magnifying glass just continuously spins looking for the printer


I have admin rights to the PC

I have swapped out the cable

I have tried a different USB port on the PC

I cycled the power on the printer while the driver installation was searching for the printer

I have removed all Zebra printer drivers from the system and rebooted the PC

I have tried Ian C's suggestion from a July post but windows still does not see the printerng in a July post:


"Run the Seagull DriverWizard and have it remove any Seagull driver you had previously attempted to make, restart Windows, run the DriverWizard again, choose to add a printer. and now plug in and power up your printer.  Windows should recognise the new device on USB, and our DriverWizard should detect the Plug n Play printer that you can now select and install on USB."


Thanks for any other tips




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My apologies for the wasted post. I kept reading and found another post that suggested downloading the latest DriverWizard software from the site. I did that and it worked perfect.  Thanks for a great forum

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