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Enterprise Automation In Citrix Or Remote Desktop?


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    Shotaro Ito

    Hi Dave,

    BarTender Automation edition or above supports Terminal server usage and it allows multiple BarTender running on the same server.


    Install SLS Remote assistance utility to each clients to properly count printer license.



    I don't really know the response time when 10 people logging in to the same server simultaneously - I suppose the application's response time would be slower.

    If that's too slow, you can always install BarTender client to client PCs.


    Version up for terminal server install is the same as stand alone install - overwrite by the latest version (when upgrade to new major ver, deactivate at uninstall and activate on install with new Product Key Code).

    For detail, please check the white paper below:



    In Enterprise Automation edition, you can use Librarian - shared document repository with version control (rollback), it would help label design in a group.


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    Legacy Poster

    I have a couple of questions:


    1. What are the client requirements for SLS Remote assistance utility?


    2. For Librarian  -would we have one install or one for each copy of BarTender? 


    3. I can see in the demo copy of BarTender how to point to the System Database.  Is there a place to specifiy the location of the Librarian executable? 

    History Explorer? etc 



    I am also still interested to see how other companies are doing this.  Do they use Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) or Citrix?  Why did they choose one over the other? 

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    Shotaro Ito

    1, SLS Remote assistant came with BarTender 9.4 and compatible up to 10.1 at the moment. which makes Windows XP SP3 or later required.

    To use the SLS Remote Assistant with Citrix, you must have Citrix Independent Computer Architecture (ICA) virtual channel v12.0 or higher installed and running. It supports any version of MS Terminal service.


    2. Librarian needed to be installed locally with each BarTender install.

    3. Librarian, History Explorer and Reprint console uses database connection specified in BarTender System database setup.

      In History Explorer / Reprint console, you can connect to another database from File > Connect to System Database.


    About preferred remote desktop solution, I don't have much experience with Citrix - anyone in forums?


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