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I recently downloaded a trial of the bartender software and I'm trying to get it to print on a Zebra zt230and when I try to use the Seagull driver wizard it gets halfway and stalls/never completes.   I have all other programs shutdown while it is doing a driver update.  My current OS is Win7/sp1,  bartender version is 10.1 professional trial.  I completed steps in the order listed in guide:


1)started wizard advanced to where it was searching for new printer on USB

2) plugged in printer then turned on

3) after the wizard found the printer I clicked next and when it gets 50% it just displays installing driver and never finishes.


thanks for any assistance

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Shotaro Ito
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Try ..

Disconnect printer,

Run DriverWizard to remove all Seagull drivers. If you have installed Zdesigner driver or other brand drivers, remove the driver following their uninstallation method.

You can remove driver from server properties too:



Once all driver has removed, Connect the printer and let Windows to find a driver. when that asks driver folder, specify driver wizard folder ("C:\seagull" in default).

If it installed other driver such as ZDesigner driver automatically, right click the printer icon, Printer properties, Advanced tab, update driver.

Specify the driver wizard folder and specify driver for Zebra ZT230.

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