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we are going to upgrade our 9.4 automation 40 printers installation to 10.1 enterprise automation 50 printers. So, I'm asking the right steps to upgrade. It seems that as first the license server should be upgraded, then commander & clients. Commander and printer queues run on Srv 2008R2 cluster.


We have one separate 10.0 3 printers installation (SLS and a few clients). I'm planning to upgrade this setup to the 10.1 enterprise and use its' license server as temporary one for testing Commander and new client packages.


Are there any problems with the clients or Commander communicating with SLS (9.4 automation vs. 10.1 enterprise automation)?




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Ian Cummings
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An older BarTender client can connect to, and get printer licenses from, a newer License Server.  The opposite is not the case.  Therefore, a BarTender v9.4 client will work with a v10.1 License Server, but a BarTender 10.1 client will not work with a v9.4 License Server.


Your general plan is fine, in that, you should upgrade License Server first, and then work on the BarTender clients. 

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