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Librarian Database Error...


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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Jason,
    You need to setup BarTender system database (or connect to remote system database).
    From BarTender > Tools, run System database setup (you may need to install SQL server Express on the PC, or connect to a remote SQL Server)

    To connect to remote SQL server and create BarTender system database, Windows service "BarTender System Service" must be log on by an account which have enough privilege to create database on the SQL server. (in case of Windows authentication.)

    There's some online help about system database connection, from [Help] button on System database setup dialog.

    Once system database setup has done, you should be able to connect to system database via History Explorer or Librarian.
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    Legacy Poster

    I'm receiving a similar error, only with the librarian.


    "The database connection failed"


    I've setup the BarTender System Service to run as a network user. The user account has required permissions on the SQL server (from what i can tell).


    I do not receive the error when connecting under the user which installed bartender to the server (a domain admin account).


    The database states that it is connected, and security changes made from the server are being applied to the client PC, so it seems the database is connected however the librarian will not connect.


    EDIT> Does the librarian ignore the service account credentials..?? I've just added the locally logged on user to the SQL server logins, as an owner and the librarian now connects.. The Librarian seems to now be ignoring security centre settings (i can edit labels which is not permitted)..?


    Something is wrong with librarian permissions.

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    Domingo Rodriguez

    1. First of all, make sure (and confirm to us) if the System Database has been properly set up. The below training video will help you:



    Are you using Windows or SQL Server credentials when setting up the connect to the system database?



    2. The below training video also explains how to configure the necesary permissions for the system database wizard to properly connect to the BarTender System database:




    3. Could you send us as well a screenshot of the error message in Librarian?


    4. If you open "History Explorer", are you able to view past print job information being logged by the system database?


    5. If Security Center would be totally disabled on this computer, would you still receive the same "The database connection failed" error message from within Librarian while being logged under the user account?

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    Legacy Poster

    Ok great thanks, the permissions were not set correctly on the SQL Database. There are no connectivity issues now after adding domain users group as detailed in the second video.


    Thank you!

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    Moinabegum Biradar

    When I am trying to open the "Librarian", I am getting the error "unable to connect to the BarTender System Database".

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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Moinabegum,

    In order to properly troubleshoot this issue, we would need the following information:

    • If you check in the Administration Console under System Database, is the connection set up?
    • Do you have a System Database created for this installation? The Enterprise Edition does allow for a centralized System Database, so do you know if there is one to be used on another system?
    • If there is a System Database created, do you know what authentication method was used? It may be a permissions issue we are seeing.

    Thank you.


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