Seagull License Server: Warning Message #2510 Folgen

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Hi all,

Since recently, when I open the console of the SLS application, I receive the following warning message:

Date: 2012-05-30
Time: 12:40:40
Message Number: 2510
Message Type: Warning
Message Category: Log To Database
Response to Message: OK
Message Body:
Unable to log information to the BarTender System Database. Make sure the BarTender System Service is installed and running.

The SLS is working fine, I can see various printers active and I don't get any reports back regarding issues.

This database which is trying to be accessed, is this hosted external or internal ?
I can't remember I had to install anything regarding databases.

Thanks in advance,


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Ian Cummings
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I guess then that you have enabled the application message logging to the BarTender System Database (BTSDB), even though you haven't installed/configured one. Disable the logging option and instead log to a text file if you don't wish to setup a BTSDB. You should find this via the "Administer>Log Setup" menu item.

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