Error 2400 Could Not Find Preferred Server On Port Folgen

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Wondering what would cause an error 2400: BarTender could not find the preferred Seagull License Server on port 5160. BarTender will now attempt to find an alternate Seagull License Server on port 5161. ?

Attempted to restart BarTender commander, but that did not resolve the issue.

Proceeded to start and stop the Seagull License Server through services and then kick started the Seagull license server port for the printers. And Restarted the BarTender Commander. This was able to resolve the issue, but I was wondering what would cause the error 2400 and can this be prevented in the future?

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Domingo Rodriguez
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In BarTender, under the "Administer > Licensing Setup" dialog, you can define a "Preferred" and "Alternate" Seagull License Server location. This can be used if you have a second (or backup) license of BarTender installed on the network and therefore 2 Seagull License Server running on different computers.

This message indicates that at some point and probably caused by an intermittent network problem, BarTender was not able to contact the Seagull License Server on the "Preferred" location and therefore tried to locate the Seagull License Server on the "Alternate" location. If you do not wish BarTender to search for an "Alternate" location, then just modify the "Administer > Licensing Setup" dialog and modify its configuration.

Also, if you've a version of BarTender higher or equal to v9.10, you will benefit from a 72 hours grace period for the times BarTender can not locate the Seagull License Server, time during which you will be able to print in full mode.

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