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Hi, we are using Bartender automation SR4.


I have been having some trouble with printers and have been trying different printer drivers to try to resolve the issue.  The problem is that even without renaming the printer (which sls reads as a different printer), changing the driver also adds a new printer to the list.


This is very frustrating and makes troubleshooting nearly impossible.  is there anything I can do to work around this?



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Ian Cummings
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License Server identifies various aspects of a printer instance used by a BarTender print job, not just the printer name.  If one of these differ then it might well be enough for License Server to identify it as an additional printer.  Note that BarTender v10.0 SR4 (which is what I suppose you are using) allows you to exceed the printer license amount by double your license for 30 days without interruption to printing.


What is your printer problem?  Maybe I can help?

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