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I am printing labels for an automotive supplier. They need a serial number that never repeats (or at least for several years does not repeat). I know how to set a label to increment a counter. I assume that I need to pass the current beginning serial number as a starting point for serial numbers each time I call the label print program. And then maintain the next available serial numbe outside of the label printing, passing it to the label print program each time. Is this correct? Is there any other way to do this?


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Susan Chen
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You do not need to maintain the next available serial number outside of the label printing, passing it to the label print program each time.

1)Inside Bartender, there is a function called "update substring after print" on seralization option(Double click on the object you want to seralize-> More Options-> click on Seralization tab-> Tick "Seralize"-> "update substring after print"). When you tick this function, data should be updated to its new value after every print job.

2) Save the btw after printing on your calling program. When you issue the print again, it will start the next available seralization. For example you print 1~500 on the first print, when you issue the second print from your calling program to call Bartender, it will start from 501.

You can also write your own seralization control inside your calling program. You can also use Microsoft VBScript inside Bartender to write your preferred algorithm program.

If you do need additional help, I recommend that you contact local support office for more personalized assistance for this issue. Support contact information:

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