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We are currently using Bartender version 8.01. Our system currently exports XML files with field numbers.

Like below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<labels _FORMAT = "C:\GS1_BTW\UPSGround.btw" _QUANTITY="1" _PRINTERNAME="CA152P118" _JOBNAME="00090100297100837814">
<variable name="field 1">SHOES FOR CREWS</variable>
<variable name="field 2">5065 EUCALYPTUS AVE</variable>
<variable name="field 3"></variable>
<variable name="field 4">CHINO</variable>
<variable name="field 5">CA</variable>
<variable name="field 6">91710</variable>
<variable name="field 7">SHOES FOR CREWS</variable>
<variable name="field 8">152</variable>
<variable name="field 9"></variable>
<variable name="field 10">SHOES</variable>
<variable name="field 11"></variable>
<variable name="field 12"></variable>
<variable name="field 13"></variable>

With this kind of setup, we currently have a lot of empty fields and is causing a performance slowdown in the generation of the XML file.

If we program our system to export only the fields with values, the bartender label file seems to pick up the wrong field. i.e. for above if we have field 8 then go to field 10, when the bartender label needs to pick field 10, it goes to the next field below it.

Is there a way around this like using the name instead so that empty fields do not need to be exported in the XML?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<labels _FORMAT = "\\\CN_Bartender\BTW\FedExGround.btw" _QUANTITY="1" _PRINTERNAME="PM4I-230" _JOBNAME="Shipping">
<variable name="Facility_Descr">PB SuZhou Warehouse</variable>
<variable name="Facility_Address1">Warehouse C5, Prologis Logistics Park, No.88,</variable>
<variable name="Facility_Address2">Xiandai Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou</variable>

Currently our XML export contains almost 500 fields. Most are blank and reserve fields for future expansion.

Appreciate if somebody can give their insight on this.

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Ian Cummings
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I presume you are transforming this XML into BarTender XML Script. Can you show us what that transformed BT-XML looks like?
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[quote name='Ian C - Seagull Support' timestamp='1314343636' post='455']
I presume you are transforming this XML into BarTender XML Script. Can you show us what that transformed BT-XML looks like?

Thanks Ian for replying. I am not sure about that either. We drop our XML into a folder being polled by Commander and it picks it up and renames the file to .txt

on our commander setting, we just have it as a "transform trigger contents Oracle XML to bartender xml script"

Hi Ian,
I think this is what you are looking for. Below is a sample. Right now, we have expanded to 1024 fields and most of them are empty. And if we don't export the empty fields, the BTW file does not pick up the correct field anymore. Do we need to remap the fields since we have based the BTW on the old layout of only 300 fields?

[BarTender Command] Command Handler: BarTender1 - C:\PROGRA~1\Seagull\BARTEN~1\8.0\bartend.exe /XMLScript=<?xml version="1.0"?><XMLScript Version="1.0"><Command><Print JobName="Shipping"><PrintSetup><IdenticalCopiesOfLabel>1</IdenticalCopiesOfLabel><Printer>\\USHQS001\USHQP072</Printer></PrintSetup><Format>c:\test_btw\generic.btw</Format><RecordSet Name="Text File 1" Type="btTextFile" AddIfNone="true"><Delimitation>btDelimMixedQuoteAndComma</Delimitation><UseFieldNamesFromFirstRecord>true</UseFieldNamesFromFirstRecord><TextData>
"field 1","field 2","field 3","field 4","field 5","field 6","field 7","field 8","field 9","field 10","field 11","field 12","field 13","field 14","field 15","field 16","field 17","field 18","field 19","field 20","field 21","field 22","field 23","field 24","field 25","field 26","field 27","field 28","field 29","field 30","field 31","field 32","field 33","field 34","field 35","field 36","field 37","field 38","field 39","field 40","field 41","field 42","field 43","field 44","field 45","field 46","field 47","field 48","field 49","field 50","field 51","field 52","field 53","field 54","field 55","field 56","field 57","field 58","field 59","field 60","field 61","field 62","field 63","field 64","field 65","field 66","field 67","field 68","field 69","field 70","field 71","field 72","field 73","field 74","field 75","field 76","field 77","field 78","field 79","field 80","field 81","field 82","field 83","field 84","field 85","field 86","field 87","field 88","field 89","field 90","field 91","field 92","field 93","field 94","field 95","field 96","field 97","field 98","field 99","field 100","field 101","field 102","field 103","field 104","field 105","field 106"
"BRIEFLY STATED INC DIV# 17", "11905 Landon Drive", "", "Mira Loma", "CA", "91752", "BRIEFLY STATED INC DIV# 1", "156", "", "", "LAS VEGAS-LA EXPRESS", "", "08880570000076908", "LVLA", "007690", "", "", "", "", "3553", "", "702 SW 8TH ST", "", "BENTONVILLE", "AR", "72716", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "3553", "WALM30", "", "", "72716", "", "", "", "702 SW 8TH ST", "", "BENTONVILLE", "AR", "72716", "", "8800004503", "00035", "00035", "0007", "STD", "99", "", "", "", "", "2", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "1", "1", "08/14/09", "09/23/09", "1", "", "sa", "", "", "", "0000888057800027250", "00008880578000272504", "2", "099338400392", "PLEATED FRONT SLVLS. PULLOVER", "002496740", "", "", "", "EA", "1", "0080002379", "08/25/09", "15:54:20", "11296314", "", "", "", "1", "", "1007007BM-40OPW", "40OPW", "", "S", "2", "099338400392"

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