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I'm trying to set up a template for a RFID label using a RZ400 Zebra, but I can't get the right margins or gaps between labels.

I prevoiously used a 4x6 inches and it worked great (Continuous Media).


Now I'm trying to print a thin label (100mm x 6 mm) with Black Line Media (Black Bar, Mark) and a longer gap between labels.

The gap between labels is 16 mm (including the 3 mm black mark, right in the middle).


I've tried using:

- 22mm (6 mm + 16 mm), with 0 margin

- 6mm (with 8mm + 8mm margin)

- 6mm (with 16mm + 0 margin)


None of them seems to work. It never prints in the right position of the label and most times it prints on the unused back paper.


Please help me configure the labels settings.



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Please, any ideas?

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