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As mentioned in title, i'm facing problem whereby the size of the barcode printed in my label is changing automatically when i print multiple copies.

The original setting for the barcode is X dimension=5.00 mils, Density= 31.730 chars/in, and the 1st print out stay at the correct setting; however when i print more than 1 copy in series, i found at 2nd copy, the X dimension of the barcode changed to 6.66 mils & Density changed to 27.272 chars/in. This only affected the 2nd print out but the original templates stay the same with no changes made.


In short, I'm now have two labels, which printed with same template but the output is different in barcode's length. 


Anyone have clue on this and may i know how to solve it?


The source of the barcode is trigger by running serial number and the templates was locked by password. I used visual basic script to control & trigger printing of this barcode label. The printer i use is Zebra Gx430t.




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Shotaro Ito
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If that happens in print preview, that's something happen in BarTender.

Make sure you don't have any unwanted VB script in File > BarTender document options.


If that not happens in preview, then that's likely to be a printer issue. In barcode properties > symobology and size, change [Print method] to barcode and human readable created by BarTender.

In print dialog, performance tab, disable all options in optimization.

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