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Do gs1-128 barcodes require to have a <gs> (group separator) (2 variable fields (02)(10)(37)) to make them valid GS1-128 barcodes


if other people just encode big long numbers including the AI into a barcode- despite the fact that on a reader I can't determine the start point of the next AI


is that ok when your customer just puts the whole string into 1 field


so customer wants




human readable text  =(02)1234567891012(10)12373(37)14


looks lovely as human readable text...........but the barcode is wrong


which 37 is the start of AI 37


I think it should be



CFN1021234567891012(No CFN1 needed after fixed length field)1012373 CFN1 3714


which gives ascii reading as




am I wrong that when customer demands we remove all <GS> then we invalidate the barcode being a proper GS1 standard


ironically I can find millions of barcode validators - ie the quality of print - but none that tell me if a barcode is valid to the standards I claim to create it with


Does anyone know if I can find a standards checker - not quality checker for barcodes


ie is this a valid GS1-128 barcode for (02)(10)(37)


thanks - hacked off developer who is used to black and white of code





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Ian Cummings
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BarTender creates valid GS1-128 barcodes.  Use the GS1 application identifier wizard to help build the code's data source.  Many fields in GS1 are of fixed length so self terminate, while those that are variable length get terminated with the FNC1 character from the Code-128 codepage.  The AI assistant inserts the FNC1 characters automatically where needed, via ^1 in the data source, so you don't need to worry about them.  I suggest you read through the below white paper:


The use of group separator control codes <GS> tend to be used with 2D codes such as Data Matrix.

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