How To Print Totals From A Text File Folgen

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Dear Support Team,


I am facing some issues when I try to print totals through the commander.
I have designed a template with footer, detail and a section for display totals.

When I print directly from Bartender, the totals are printed correct. If I try to print using a task from Commander, the Totals are displaying zero.


I get the data from a simple text file with header and separated by "comma". There are two value columns that I have to sum. I created a vb script to sum the values for each line.

I read something about the option "Connect to Database". But it is working only from Bartender (label design), but not when the template it is called from the Commander.


I am using Bartender Automation version 10.1 SR3.


Could you please provide me support on this issue?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards

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Could be wrong, but is the script referencing the field names in the data file, if so the file that Commander uses will not be the same one as the source and could be why the script doesn't work? You could try giving the fields on the labels names (from the button next to the Names line on the Data Source tab of the filed) and then adjust the script to add these up.

Shotaro Ito
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The screenshot is a bit too small so try upload again - wanted to know actual VB Script part.

I agree with Pete - you might have database file name within the VB sceript code such as 


Value = 0 + Field("originalCSV.QTY1") + Field("originalCSV.QTY2") 


that could be changed to


Value = 0 + Field("QTY1") + Field("QTY2") 


Another workaround is give each data source to name (such as QTY1, QTY2), as Pete suggested.

In Multi line VB script

Value = 0 + QTY1 + QTY2


I don't think this related - though recommend update to BarTender 10.1SR4

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