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In the latest seagull driver for Zebra GK420D its not possible to set the height for barcode font Code128 with GS1?

It is required to have a certain height for use with the GS1 palet label.

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About your question please let me make sure. Are you using a barcode font and this font doesn't allow to set a fixed size for your Barcode? Are you not using BarTender? If you are using a barcode font with our drivers, please note that the barcode will be sent as a graphic and our Driver only will process this information, so the barcode size will depend on the barcode font and not on the driver.


Maybe your issue is that you have created a Barcode with BarTender and you aren't able to set a specific X dimension? If this is your case, please note that the X dimension will vary based on printer and resolution. The bars in your barcode should have a specific space between them and they should have a specific width, then your X dimension will have a ratio depending on the printer resolution. As your printer will have more dpi, it will have more resolution therefore the ratio of the barcode will be more adjusted to the size you need.





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