"protocol Error" On Cab Xc6 Folgen

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I searched the forums and found another user with this issue, but it's been several versions since. I am using the cab XC6 with Seagull driver 7.4.1. Whenever I send a print job the screen of the cab says "Protocol Error", but it lets me ignore it and everything *appears* to print OK. It's just kind of an alarming error.


Do you know what causes this? When I use the cab driver I do not get this but that driver does not work as well with BarTender. Thanks,



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Same issue here with version 7.4.1.  after upgrading from 7.3.8.


Labels printed with a blank label after every printed label with 7.3.8 but without protocol error.

The intercalary label is solved with 7.4.1, however the protocol error appears.  After pushing "Feed" , the printjob is treated correctly.





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