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I am using Bartender to connect to a excel database and I am printing EAN 13 barcodes from this. However what seems to be happening is multiple barcodes are printing for one record in the database.

Where can I control this from?

The two things I want to achieve are:

1. I am including a serial number on each bar code label. In this case the Barcode will remain the same for each product however the serial number will be unique and is also extracted from the database.

2. I am trying to print unique bar code on each label. Every record in the database has an unique barcode.

(I do not want to print the same record in the database more than once which it currently seems to be doing in both cases outlined above)

Any help would be fantastic

Kind regards

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It seems to be set to print the same record 21 times.
If it is set up as a barcode or if it is just a text object grabing information from the database.

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