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VBScript Transform Working on Sample Data, but not when Printing


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    Peter Thane

    You may need to make this an Event Controlled Script and OnPostPrompt so that the VB is applied after the data has been entered on the the data entry form. 

    (Note I also renamed the field QTY from quantity as I believe that may be referenced elsewhere in part of the main printing process and so you could have a naming conflict.)

    The top field on the image below is the value from the Data Entry whilst the middle field holds the VB script routine.

    The bottom field is an Object Value type field linked to the text field connected to the Data Entry box, but has had a character filter applied to it to make it numeric only so that the Q would be ignored anyway.

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    L K

    Changing from Embedded Data to an Event Controlled VBScript worked perfectly, thank you Peter.


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