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Austin Lim

Hi Bartender Team,

I got message from the SLS message as below :

Date: Time: Message Number: 5201 Message Type: Warning Message Category: Licensing Response to Message: OK Message Body: Warning: Maximum printer count exceeded. 27 day(s) remain to correct this problem. Details: You are exceeding the maximum of 3 printer(s) that your BarTender license allows you to use within a 7-day period. To give you time to resolve this problem, BarTender will temporarily allow you to print to as many as 6 printers for up to 30 days. However, if you do not bring the number of printers used into compliance with your license within the next 27 day(s), BarTender will only be able to use your 3 most recently used printers. Alternatively, you can contact your reseller about purchasing a larger printer license. Printer License Information: Maximum Printer Count: 3 (per 7-day period; maximum printer count temporarily raised to 6) Printers Used: 4 (last 7 days) Printers Denied: 0 (last 7 days) Peak Printer Usage: 4 (per 7-day period in last 30 days)


But problem is I only use 2 barcode printer, not exceed than 3 printer, but install in client desktop is 4 desktop.

May I know is count by printer or desktop ?

So what is further step i need to do ?



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Jasper Wen
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Refer to our white paper about Automation and high edition for licensing.

The automation and higher editions are licensed by printers. You are allow to install BarTender on multiple computers as long they have a network connection with the computer running License Server. I would first suggest going to the computer where License Server is installed and check the printers being licensed. It could be some users are printing to the wrong printer or printer driver installed incorrectly or multiple times.

Dan Beuscher
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In my case, simply finding the SLS and stopping and restarting the printer license server resolved the issue and reset to the original printers I needed. Solved in 2 minutes.

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