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Multiple Templates Within Same Print Job


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    Peter Thane

    There are two ways you could achieve this:

    1. Log the printed data (plus any that is needed for template 2 only) into a text file as template 1 is printed and then set up an Integration to use the output as both a trigger file and the database to automatically print the 2nd label. You could use an Action to output the data or else set up job logging but that would mean that all the labels create a log and so you would have to create a way to handle/delete unwanted output files.

    2. Use an action to print template 2 when template 1 prints. I would suggest adding the action to a Data Entry Form rather than make it Document Level. You could combine this with the Action in 1. above that creates the output file to make a series of Actions to trigger when you print the first label type


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