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How to write BTXML data into MS SQL database table


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    Peter Thane

    Not sure if the Update or Insert Database records Action option could be of use to you.

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    Andreas Meichsner

    Hi Peter,

    no, the Insert database record action is useless, if you cannot "read" the named datasources from BTXML.

    I've found a workaround, but there should be an easierer and more dynamic solution.

    1) I convert BTXML into CSV data structure (with Convert XML using XSLT action)

    2) Convert text to data record using csv data strucure from Step 1... to get the named datasource / value pairs

    3) For each data record in the database action 

    4) Finally Insert database record action is used for maooing the database fields with named datasources from CSV

    The simplified action list looks as follows



    Maybe you have a better idea/solution


    Best regards,



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