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User Command to a Zebra printer


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    Peter Thane

    You probably need to add an extra ^ to each command, ie ^^XA etc.

    However, do you need to do this? The printer, by default, will be set to do a quick calibrate when you close the printhead and so if you are changing label stock to allow for a different label size label being required for another program then this should pick this up automatically.  

    I am also not sure why you would want to add it to the Start of Job as BarTender will include any formatting commands in the file it sends to the printer and so would not be needed at that point as the command would be replaced by the one in the label I believe anyway. Ignoring the above about whether it is actually needed, End of Job I could understand for the other application.

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    Jerrold Wynia

    Thank you. Inserting the double ^ resolved the issue. 

    • ^^XA^^SS,,,613^^FS^^XZ

    Yes, we are aware of the calibration, etc. The issue is that there is no changing of the stock, and the users are not necessarily aware of the different sources of the label data. Hence while we have a legacy solution that has to function alongside our modern Bartender, we have to do some workarounds. 

    Also, this is a formatting command that Bartender would not send as part of its normal label print process, since it can only be changed through calibration or this command.


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