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Barcode Adding Comma when Scanning


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    Peter Thane

    It all depends whether you want the comma/space to be encoded into the barcode string or if you just need the scanner to break up the output and add the commas/spaces itself.

    For the latter you would need a scanner with some inbuilt programmability and a way for the scanner to discern when to apply the extra character (such as after X characters or a specific pattern)

    For the former you can edit the string in BarTender either by adding extra substrings for the commas/spaces or add them as suffixes to the strings. In the image below I have separated the three strings of data in two different way:

    1 . An extra sub string just containing a comma

    2. A space suffix added automatically to String2


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    Rajath Muthyala

    Hi Tanner Hanson, 

    Do you mean you are scanning 5 different barcodes and all of it is scanning into one line instead of being separated or do you mean that the 1 barcode has 5 different data soruces not being seperated?

    If its the first one, If so you can have 5 data entry form fields and in the propeties of the text inputs you can select that the "Data is entred by Barcode scanner", you can also select Move focus when "Enter Key is pressed" most native scanners have the option of doing enter upon uploading the scanned data.


    If its the seconf option and you want to display the 5 data sources with a comma or a space. you might have to have a Seperator to help distingurdh each source on the barcode(1-2-3-4-5). If that is not in your control, if you know the various data source lengths are fixed. ie 122333444455555 (1digit for 1st data source, 2 digits for the next one and so on...) 

    Then using Bartender you can set up Transforms on for the barcode, in this case, Truncation.


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