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import font into bartender document


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    Peter Thane

    There probably is a way to send a font down with a label format if you were able to code in the printers resident programming language (such as ZPL for Zebras) but I don't think it would work as expected.

    My understanding is that when a label is connected to a printer driver it will interrogate it and see if any additional fonts have already been downloaded to the printer and if so what ID they have been given. Subsequently, any text objects that use that font with included that ID as the font to use in the command sent to the printer. 

    However, sending the font with the file will mean that the font ID is not already available for BarTender when it constructs the label commands and so the commands will not include this in the string and so, in the case of true type fonts, the text field object will be sent as a graphic to the printer. 


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