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Create GS1 Barcodes from csv file that contains full text of barcode


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    Peter Thane

    The problem is as GTIN requires a check digit BarTender will automatically calculate it. If you data for AI 01 includes the check digit then you need to remove it to let BarTender recalculate it. In your string the 7 check digit is being added to the following 3 and as there is no AI 73 or 73X/X, BarTender does not recognise this as a valid number. 

    To get round this you will need to add on a GS1-128 barcode and delete both the existing substrings from the barcode and add two new ones (it is quicker than adjusting the transforms for each). Link each of these new stings to your barcode in the database and then for the first string set the Transforms>Truncation to Keep to 15 characters on the left (ie AI 01 and the first 13 digits of your GTIN, so no check digit) whilst the second string should be configured to Transforms>Truncation to discard characters on left to16 (so to ignore AI01 and the full GTIN including check digit).



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