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Ron van Oudenallen

We are formatting labels for our products in Bartender and we supply those to our contract manufacturers who use Bartender too. We all have our own license(server) and printers connected to it. Every time we send a formatted label to one of our contract manufacturers they have to connect their printers to the formatted label. If a contracted manufacturer adjusts the formatted label and send it back to us, the connected printer is not found and replaced with one that is available at our side.

Would it be possible to fix the printer connected to a label even if it cannot be found?

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Jasper Wen
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Unfortunately at the moment (as of BarTender 2019), BarTender doesn't have features and built-in mechanisms for handling this type of scenario very well. This is a common request we get, and something our engineering team is definitely looking to improve in a near future version release of BarTender.

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