Custom - "Export Printer Code Template" Folgen


I work with "TSC Special Edition BarTender UltraLite" Version 2016 R4 
i duplicate a "Flash" Template in the Settings "Export Printer Code Template" 
and change only the Printer Language to ZPL for Export in ZPL Format. 
and CheckBox Show in PrintSystemList is Checked.

TSC Driver is the BarTender Driver for the Printer TSC TTP-384MT

My Problem is now 
The New Template dosent show in the ""Export Printer Code Template export"!?

How i can Export to Printer in ZPL Format 
thx for help Hints or Tips



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Mario Lung
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I Found One Solution

TSC must includet

because it dosent export the Template in ZPL Format?

how i can make this?


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