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The title is a little vague but i wasn't too sure how to explain what i am trying to achieve.

We have only just started using Bartender for our labeling.

I have a simple template which the user manually enters in Order #, Quantity, Description, Part # & Batch # for parts coming into our store and going out of our store (eventually this will hopefully be integrated into our SAP B1 software).

What i would like to do is where we need a label for say 4 boxes of parts that have all the same details except for quantity, i don't want the user to have to re-enter all the information again (except for the quantity), if that makes any sense?




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Pete Thane
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Hi Tim,

For the fields on the Data Entry form there is an option to update the default value of those fields so that it retains the last information entered and this can be accessed by going into the Properties of the field and choosing the Data Entry option on the left hand side and the Remember Value for Next Time tick box.

Possibly a better option, would be to create a simple database of say your part number and description and link that to the label. At print time the operators would select or enter a look up value for the product code which would automatically populate the database linked fields and then set the Order No, Batch and Quantity fields as manual entry/prompt at print time fields with the Remember Value option set as per above. If the quantity, is normally a set amount for a full box, but some times part boxes are received, you could add this default/full box quantity value in the database but still set this field to a Data Entry field and so this would mean the full value is normally displayed but would allow the users to overtype this o if necessary, in which case you would not want to tick the Remember Value for this.  

I hope this helps

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