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Here is my problem

I have a field called Text 20 and if a value is greater then 4 i don't want to show 2 Fields on the label

i tiring to get the script correct

If Object("TEXT 20") > "4"  Then
   Format.Objects("Text 2").Printvisibility = False
End If

getting the following error

OnProcessData (line 1) Type mismatch : 'Object'


what is the correct syntax to reference (text 20)  an object and not printing (text 2)



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Pete Thane
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Hi Steve,

I think you are not selecting the Value option for the field from the Template Objects list and so the 1st line is

If Format.Objects("Text 20").Value .......

You could also use the VB option from the Transforms tab within Text 2 itself and end up with something like this

If Format.Objects("Text 20").Value >"4" then
Value = ""
end if
Value = Value

Although to be honest I would  just use the Conditional Suppression option in the Transfroms tab for Text2 to do this, although you would need to give Text 20 a name first (from the Change Name button on the Data Source tab) . Then in the field to be suppressed click on Transforms and use the bottom option and the drop downs to build the expression.



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