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User is prompted for data at print time. This data is used to populate 3 of 9 bar code. The same data needs reused in a QR code. I cant seem to be able to use this one user prompted data on both the 3 of 9 and QR codes. The data can only seem to be bound to one or the other. Is there a way to reuse the data or do I have to prompt the user for the same data twice so it can be used in both codes?





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Pete Thane
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Give the field that is used to enter the data a name from the Data Sources  > Change Data Source Name button. In the 2nd field change the Data Source to Visual Basic Script and select the Event Controlled Script option. Then click on the Edit...Script button. Scroll down to the Post Prompt option and in the central box type

              Value = 

and then from the column select from the Named Data Sources double click on the name you chose above and son you should get something like


where "input" is replaced by whatever name you chose.

Next click Close twice and you should be sorted

David V
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Thanks Peter. Worked great.

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