Word Processor object prints inverted? Folgen


We have a label with a Word Processor object.

When we print that label, the text of the object is inverted?

So instead of black letters on white background, it shows white letters on a black background!

When we invert the Word Processor object, the text comes out OK (most of the time..).

Sometimes, the label is printed OK without the inverted object, mostly we need to invert the object.

The only issue is.. we never know how the label will be printed.


Anyone has the same issue and / or solution?

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Pete Thane
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I have seen something similar to this along time ago but not with a Word Processor object but a different image field (was actually a TrueType Text object being sent to a label printer where the font was not resident on it and so sent as an image) . We had to adjust the graphic settings I believe or do something like that to get round it and it only occurred when a couple of fields/objects were intersecting with one another.

Sorry probably not mush help but may give you an idea what to try.  

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