Bartender 9.4 and Contional Printing Folgen


Question #1: Is it possible to do conditional printing on Bartender version 9.4 SR3 (Automation Edition)?


Question #2: If so,  what would be the syntax for the following logic in Bartender:

If TableName.FieldName = "Y" then

print "this"

End If

Thanks for your help

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Pete Thane
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Hi John,

I cant remember if there was any conditional printing per se but you could use VB to do some of this. 

Looking at your string is it the full record you are trying to print as selected from a database/data file? In which case you could probably handle this in the Database Connection Setup (the button may have been called Setup and View Databases in 9.4) by adding in a Database Query (now Filter) , so that only records with a Y in table name. 

I cant remember what the headings were called but the field would need to be FieldName, criteria = and data Y or something like that.


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