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Bartender and SharePoint


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    Jasper Wen
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    At the moment with our latest BarTender 2016 R7 version, we unfortunately don't have this feature to natively access BarTender documents from a cloud storage location such as with Microsoft SharePoint.

    It has been submitted as a feature request to our development team so hopefully we can get this feature added in a future release of BarTender.

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    Simonse Arco

    Is there any progress on this matter? I have downloaded the 2019 version to see if there is any option to use a cloud storage but I don't see it in the new version either. This is still a big omission!


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    Martin Barbiers

    We are 2022, I am evaluating this to print labels trough powerapp using sharepoint list: is still possible to connect to sharepoint online now?

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    Ian Cummings

    Alas, I believe it is still the case that BarTender (including BT2022) does not support connecting to Sharepoint stored data natively.

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    Marie-Claude Ménard

    DOes the latest version of Bartender support connecting to cloud based librairies such as SharePoint? From the last answer ( 9months ago), it was still not possible.. but Sort of hoping it would be now? 



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